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Gun Case Labels

We hold on stock John Wilkes Gun Case Labels with each of the four addresses.

From; 1894 1 Lower James Street London W

1912 31 Gerrard Street London W

1925 21 Broad Street London W

1927 79 Beak Street London W

Printed on 7 ½ x 4 ½ card on a sepia colour background with trademark and black script/gothic print.

£20 plus postage and packaging and depending on destination and customer requests for delivery.

Snap Caps

Brass chromium plated and stamped with John Wilkes London

£92.00 per pair plus postage and packaging and depending on destination and customer requests for delivery.

Oil Bottle

Brass chromium plated and stamped with John Wilkes London

£114.00 plus postage and packaging and depending on destination and customer requests for delivery.

A genuine sleeper  John Wilkes Boxlock Non Ejector  No.13905

Jack Wilkes supplied this as a wild fowling gun on the 5th March 1936 to a customer who was in military service, shortly afterwards he was sent overseas. While overseas the Second World War started and he did not return to the UK until the late 1940’s. By then he had given up game shooting and the gun was never used, therefore it is as it left 79 Beak Street in 1936.

12 Bore  2  3/4 inch chambers,  30 inch barrels  half and full choke  Semi pistol stock with a length of  14  3/8 inches

The gun is offered at £6,000.00p and it is un-cased.


Rare Opportunity

John Wilkes 12 Bore Sidelock Shotgun No.15270

A rare and unique opportunity to purchase a London Best Gun made at 79 Beak Street by John and Tom Wilkes. This gun was ordered by an American client in 1987 but was never collected and the Wilkes family has now decided to offer it for sale.


The gun is a bar action sidelock ejector proofed in London in 1988. It has 28 inch chopper lump barrels with 2 Ύ inch chambers, it was completed in 1992.

The right barrel measures 0.730” and has 22 thousandths choke (approx. half choke) and the left 0.729” with 35 thousandths choke (approx. full choke). Minimum wall thicknesses in both barrels is 35 thousandths and the weight of barrels is 2 lbs 8 ozs.


The gun was made with a non selective Miller Single Trigger and is fitted with locks made by Blakemore. It has a highly figured walnut stock length 15 1/2” to the bump, 15 3/8” to the centre and 15 3/4” to the toe, with a Prince of Wales grip, capped. Stock bend is 1 7/16” at the comb and 2” at the heel. Cast off is 3/16” at the comb, 5/16” at the face and ½” at the bump. The stock is inlaid with a large vacant gold oval. The pushrod forend stocked with matching wood and chequered en suite with the grip. The weight of the gun is 6 lbs 10 ozs.


The gun is fully engraved with deeply cut vines with game scenes inlaid in gold on the lock plates and a dog’s head, also in gold on the bar. The Wilkes name is inlaid in Gothic script in gold on the bar. The action has a colour hardened finish by St Ledger. Apart from proof and regulation the gun is in new and unfired condition but does show a few handling marks from being in the front shop display case at 79 Beak Street for many years.

Wilkes12d Wilkes12e

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Point of interest;
In the late 1960's an American customer asked John Wilkes if they would make a sidelock gun with a Miller single trigger. After several telephones calls to the telephone number given for Miller single trigger, a misdialled number by John Wilkes resulted in him being connected to the Post Office in Millersberg! He asked could he speak to Mr Miller, ‘Yes’ came back the answer, ‘he is having his hair cut next door’. After speaking to him, it was agreed that ten trigger plate forgings would be sent to the US and returned to Wilkes with Miller single triggers fitted. This was the last of the guns that Wilkes made to be fitted with one of these ten mechanisms.

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