Craig Whitsey Gunmakers Limited

10-12 Fitzalan Road
West Sussex
BN18 9JS

0044 (0)1903 883102

Craig Whitsey Gunmakers was established in London in 1965. Craig is the third generation on both sides of his family to work in the Small Arms Manufacturing trade. One of his Grandfathers worked for the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield and Cogswell and Harrison, the other at the Royal Woolwich Arsenal. Craig has worked mainly for the Gun Trade in London building Target Rifles, Re-barrelling Sporting Rifles and repairing Handguns.

In addition Craig worked in partnership with the London Gunmaker John Wilkes from 1970. Recently retired the Wilkes Brothers were the oldest family of Gunmakers in the London Gun Trade, with a worldwide reputation and vast experience going back to 1830.

Research and Development for Long Range Pistol Shooting for Companies wanting Wildcat Pistol and Revolver Cartridges lead to Craig’s ability to supply modified Handguns with reloading and swaging dies for these special cartridges. Further Research and Development work included the modification of all types of Military Firearms to be used with a Battleground Simulator.

He has given a wide range of advice over the years to clients such as the European Space Agency, to the Manufacturer of Protective Fuel Tanks against small arms fire. Also to the local Veterinary Surgeons and Local farmers, to name but a few.

Craig can build rifles to order in all calibres, from stalking Rifles for Scotland to big game Rifles for Africa. A wide range of finish from plain to highly engraved including a set of Firearms with Stocks covered in silver plate and decorated with jewels and engraving. Experienced in hand making grips for Pistols and Revolvers in Horn, Ivory and Semiprecious Stone. Commissioned by a London Jeweller to prepare and engrave with gold inlay revolvers for presentation to overseas Royalty, (as seen here).

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