Craig Whitsey Gunmakers Limited

5.56 Nato (223 Remington)
No. 4 Enfield

When NATO adopted the 5.56mm cartridge our Company was asked to develop a new Cadet Rifle. Because there was an abundance of No. 4 Enfield Rifles at this time it was thought that a conversion would be less costly than manufacturing a new rifle.

This led us to the design and patent of the bolt head conversion. The No. 4 Enfield rifle is converted for use with the 5.56 NATO cartridge (223 Remington), by fitting a new barrel. No other work is necessary to the action as the extractor and ejector are mounted in the patented bolt head. All that is required is that the striker (Firing Pin) be re-ground to fit the new bolt head.

Although this conversion was not accepted as the Cadet Rifle we continued to develop it into full production and now supply the Bolt Head conversion or a Rifle complete with the conversion. Other calibres available are 9mm Para., and 45ACP.

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