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Arundel Sight Company

In the early 1980’s John Wilkes, as one of the makers of David Lloyd Rifles saw a need a need for a specific way to attach the Telescopic Sight to the Sako Action. Craig then became involved in a new design of rigid Scope Mount that would work with the Sako Action that the Wilkes were using for the shorter cartridges, such as the 243 Winchester.

At this time John Wilkes used David Lloyd Scope Mounts on their Mauser Stalking Rifles. When John Wilkes started to use Sako Actions on these shorter rifles it was under the name of Craig’s company, the Arundel Sight Company. Craig designed a Scope Mount that would not require machining of the action, but would fit the tapered dove tail of the Sako, looking similar to the Lloyd Scope Mount.

Subsequently, he was asked to design and make blocks for the Mauser 1898, Winchester model 70 and Remington 700 so that the scope mounts could be fitted to these actions. We also make them to fit Brno (CZ660) and Tikka Rifles.

This design allows the very low mounting of scopes to the bore of the rifle, enabling the shooter to keep their head low on the stock of the rifle.

The mounts are supplied for 1in scopes with a maximum front bell diameter of 40mm and in the white, ready for fitting and final finishing.

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