Craig Whitsey Gunmakers Limited

Classic Photographs

Three classic photographs of the London Gun Trade dated 1890ís and 1920ís, plus a key identification. They have been re-produced on high quality photographic paper.

Outside the Kynoch Factory listing each person name for identification.

The Gunmakers visit to the Schultz Powder Factory with names added for identification.

The Gunmakers outside the London Proof House

A separate photograph as a key for identification.

The Kynoch Factory Birmingham


15 x 20 ins

Schultz Powder Factory


16 x 15 ins

The Gunmaker Association


19 x 14 ins

The Gunmaker Association
With name identification


£300 for all four (4) photographs plus postage and packaging.

Not sold separately

Special Orders:

It is possible if you are interested to supply postcard size photographs of individuals from these prints. £12 including post and packing within the UK. Price quoted for overseas orders.

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