Craig Whitsey Gunmakers Limited

Gun and Rifle Making

Made to measure

  • ‘Can’t hit a thing’ Then it’s most likely that your gun does not fit you!
  • Too short?
  • Too long?
  • Not enough bend and cast to the stock (are you left handed?)
  • Have you a left master eye?
  • Do you know if your Gun fits you?


  • Action making and filing into shape
  • Fitting and regulation of cocking, ejection, triggers, etc.
  • Barrels made using chopper lump tubes, machining and ribs fitted
  • Barrels bored by hone or lead lapp
  • Stocking, checkering and completely finishing stocks and forends

Repairs to Shotguns

  • Barrel repairs of all types i.e. dent raising, reducing bulges, lengthening cones in chambers and chokes, honing barrels to remove pitting
  • Barrel Browning
  • New cross pins made and fitted
  • Shotgun chokes altered client specification
  • Setting and lengthening of stocks to the clients measurements


  • Bolt Action Rifles Handmade
  • Hand Stocked
  • Rifle repairs and alterations
  • Re Barreling
  • Bolts altered
  • Scope mounts made and fitted
  • Rifles bedded
  • Custom Triggers fitted

Any work regarding Shotguns or Rifles undertaken

Arrangements can be made for collection and delivery of guns for servicing within the central London area

(Please – NO Air weapons)

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