Craig Whitsey Gunmakers Limited

Auctions & Insurance Quotes


Craig Whitsey will attend any major London Gun Auction to provide unbiased advice regarding any item you are interested in. A report will be produced stating the condition, value and authenticity of the item as seen in situ. Visits to Auctions outside London will be considered.

Costs to be evaluated in consideration of destination and expenses.

In addition a further costing could be produced to ascertain work involved to bring the item into full working order at your request.

The additional costs of the report will be deducted from the costings if the item is purchased and we carry out the work.

Items can also be viewed and a report raised from private treaty sales, (ie from other Gun Dealers or third parties).

Insurance Quotes

Valuations for Insurance quoted and a report raised after viewing the item. Costings are given based on a flat rate and not a % of the value. Valuations start at 45 per item.

Valuations for repair under Insurance start at 60 per item. This amount will be deducted from your final invoice if we carry out the work.

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